Nonviolence means avoiding not only external physical violence but also internal violence of spirit. You not only refuse to shoot a man, but you refuse to hate him”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

This is one of the most inspiring quotes I’ve ever read in my life. I believe that hate is the primary act of violence. Yes, I was born as many of you in a country where they teach you to hate your enemy and where they give you several arguments to justify violence and make you picture hate as resistance, pride, dignity, courage and sometimes manhood! Unfortunately, this education is inevitable..

I believe that justifying hate to a child is both shameful and tragic…

Indeed the human being grows in the international cycle of violence. Violent cartoons, weapon shaped toys, violent movies, violent video games…etc When the good guys are the onesimage who kill the bad guys and the hero is Rambo or some muscled guy with a ton of weapons, you know there is something wrong with this world.

Civilization: We’re doing it wrong.

Matter of fact, as violence gained the real world, it had invaded the virtual one as soon as it was created..

The most noticeable phenomenon on the web is the massive use of fake profiles in publishing hate comments, violent photos, racist pages and groups which target young people and brainwash a lot of them…

E-terrorism: A new form of terrorism is spreading on the social networks.

However, peace makers themselves use networks to create virtual communities and movements which bring people from different countries and religions together, sometimes people “who are supposed to be ferocious enemies.” This is the power of E-PEACE- when you create an unlimited exchange space to unify people who normally aren’t even allowed to talk to each other, when you destroy the ever inherited prejudices and let people get to know each other on their own, when you break all the boundaries, get over all the taboos, when you say- READY TO LIVE IN PEACE and I LOVE YOU!

Therefore, as once people like Matrin L. King, Gandhi, John Lennon and Nelson Mandela tried to bring people together, today young leaders can make a difference too, people “who let no man pull them low enough to hate him”. They are off all the fruitless pretentious political speeches and take seriously their mission. It’s a long-term process, including real efforts to provide a new education based on love and free-thinking in order to create the kind of human being who doesn’t get amazed by the greatest war strategies or the most sophisticated weapon in the human history but praises the simple act of tolerance and acceptance!

E-PEACE: The most authentic and successful ongoing peace process nowadays. 

I call every internet user to join the various virtual peace communities and redound to this long process which can lead one day to real peace treaties. Peace between governments starts with peace between nations.

Peace, Salem, Shalom.

Rahma Sghaier

YaLa Young Leaders

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