My Country is Burning

“My Country’s Burning “ is a prayer, for the tears we’ve shed, injustice we witness and the challenges we face these days as a society and as humanity as we stand on the threshold of a great shift, change that is coming and happening everyday around the world.

I wrote this song during a tragic fire raging in the Carmel Mountain, recorded during the Arab Spring witnessing with awe Tunisia rising, Tahrir square full of hope and courage, and was imagedeeply moved. I first sang this song a few weeks before the Israeli Summer, were we moved with tents to Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv and spent the summer protesting and sweating, opening our hearts and our minds to each other, speaking openly – Arabs, Jews, religious and secular, young and old.

My friend, director Rony Gammer, created a Youtube music video inspired by the protests. He used only Youtube clips he edited of people from around the world rising to create change, from China to Spain, Egypt and Israel, Russia and America, and many more. The video came out and was widely shared, it went viral. People were really moved. Many of my friends called this song their protest anthem, the song they listen on the way to the demonstration, a song the listen to when they need to remember what we are fighting for.

A few months ago on a sunny Sinai desert beach, during the election weekend in Egypt, I met some amazing young people from Cairo.  They had protested again and again in Tahrir, they were feeling down, just like we did in Tel Aviv, feeling we didn’t succeed. We had deep and inspiring conversations into the night, and I felt a strong connection to them. I showed them “My Country’s Burning” on Youtube, they were deeply touched, I could hardly hold back the tears watching it with them, and suddenly one of them jumped up and said– “Hey! I filmed that in Tahrir!”.

It was an incredible feeling, a sense of belonging. A circle had closed there, and there, in the silence of the night, on a magical beach, we were one.

Ella Doron

YaLa Young Leaders

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