Make Your Visit Hopeful Mr. President

On the event of your visit this week to Israel and the Palestinian territories, I welcome you warmly and wish you success, as the world’s freest black man and leader in the world and in history. Naturally your visit gives lots of hope to the citizens of the whole Middle East and especially to Palestinians and Israelis.

Dear Mr President, my people, the Palestinians are still living under the consequences of the continuous conflict between Palestine and Israel. This conflict is technically preventing the establishment imageof the Palestinian state as an independent state for our nation. This right is considered legitimate and inalienable in the modern world we are living in, and stated clearly in the human rights declaration.

Mr President, I want to take you deeply into the impacts of the absence of this right. It has taken the life of lots of innocent people each year for decades, and created a harsh reality controlled by fears and oppression – from the restricted right of movement within the Palestinian territories, to the stuck economy that fails to absorb the majority of young Palestinians in the market by giving them jobs which could help them build their life and their families. This results in angers and fears that usually translate into rounds of violence every few years, as a result of a periodic lose of hope that the situation might become better.

Mr President Obama I know you are not coming for fun in our mad region. I know you will be meeting the Israeli leadership and the Palestinian one. I tell you that you are mistaken if you are coming to hear them. I have been hearing them since I was born 23 years ago, and they talk nothing good. They are the natural products of the hopeless situation and they are not responsible leaders at all. They are actors and they are failures. They don’t care about ending the conflict that destroys the lives of our people and makes the future of the coming generations dark and hopeless.

Mr President, as you are coming to Tel Aviv to meet the Israeli leadership and later to Ramallah to meet my leadership, I demand from you to not be limited to hearing from both leaderships, because we have been hearing from them long enough. I have seen the same figures talking of the same story in the same useless way without bringing us any progress. Mr President, as the President of the United States, the strongest country in the world and the country that has the most influence on both leaderships, I demand of you to practice your power and your moral duty, to end the suffering of my people and the occupation, and bring an agreement that insures the security of the State of Israel living in prosperity, alongside the state of Palestine.

As a moderate liberal Palestinian, I expect of you dear President to meet and deliver a message of hope and partnership with the Palestinian young generation, who are naturally moderate and against all the dark ideology, and eager to partner with the free liberal parties in the world as your own. My brothers and sisters in Palestine are angry with their reality but they are not hateful Mr President. They are open minded and have big hearts. Many of them watch American movies and they celebrated your victory in the two elections in USA. They speak English as good as you do. They deserve your attention. They are the majority of my society and the future leaders you must count on. In concrete terms – while you ignore those who are supposed to be on the side of moderate and liberal people in the world, they are being beckoned  by countless less liberal parties in the Middle East.

Hamze Awawde

YaLa Young Leaders

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