Dear President Obama

Dear Mr. President,

First of all, welcome back to the region. I hope you’ll enjoy your short stay here. And I hope you will notice that nothing has changed around here since your last visit – perhaps the weather is a bit better now.

People told me to lower my expectations about your last visit. I did, and they were right to tell me so. After all, it was the first month of your first term.

I followed your speech in Cairo very carefully, and I was quite pleased with it. You were the first U.S president in my lifetime to give me hope that peace is possible and the peaceful non-violent solution that we have been dreaming of could find support from the world.

Four years later, it’s time for your visit again. The Déjà Vu of people asking me to lower my expectations is haunting me night & day. imageI will NOT lower my expectations! Not this time, Sir! It’s the time for the “change” you promised. And I expect that you shall keep your promise. That we will see an end to this conflicts that screwed up daily life for everybody in this region, not just Palestinians & Israelis, for over 60 years.

I expect that you’ll get Abu Mazen & Bibi in one room, and get them to talk…

I expect that you’ll advocate the two states solution worldwide as well as locally…

I expect that you’ll be there, as President of the U.S, when 1967 Palestine is declared.

I expect that You’ll get us the peaceful life that we deserve..

Being the President of the United States automatically makes you The Leader of The World. I’m not necessarily a fan of this fact, but its reality .And by accepting to be the President of the U.S; you accepted the responsibility for All U.S citizens and All of U.S around the world. I expect that you shall take this great responsibility very seriously.

Lastly, I want to say Ahlan wa Sahlan feek in the Middle East again. I really hope you will find the Arab & Jewish hospitality pleasing. And while you’re there, please remember that I, as citizen of Sudan, can’t see the sites you’re seeing because of this conflict. And that I’m not allowed to see the Israeli & Palestinian Friends that I made.


Mohamed Abubaker

YaLa Young Leaders, Sudan. 

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