Our Difficulties … Our Hopes by Thaer Abdallah, Palestine

Seeing  how the region is boiling with violence and  violation of freedom on a daily basis, we, the youth of the region, must also boil and not stand silent.

We must play a big and effective role in this game – reaching freedom and equality comes through conscious, cultured and organized youth, who embody the principles of freedom and equality. imageIt’s our life and our time; we cannot allow ourselves to stand by like stones or to have imposed upon us things we are not convinced of. We must move before it is too late!

With the growth of extremist religious movements all over the world, fundamentalism and militancy, increased in our societies instead of pluralism and diversity that give our communities their features and beautiful nature. Respect for others’ opinion – openness – and freedoms are the basis for progress and growth in any society. The abundance of racism and hatred today is such a shame!

The main reason for the growth of such movements is the bad economic situation, the educational system weakness, and corruption.

This is where our role as young people in the Middle East and North Africa region comes in! To be the change that we want to see in our world! To create a new and better future! To eliminate the spirit of hatred and to promote acceptance of others!

We need conscious youth who have the ability to change the harsh reality; this requires a great effort through education in order to consolidate the principles of human rights for our children.

Start by yourself, within your community, with your friends and colleagues. I know that the task is difficult but it is not impossible. We can contribute to the construction of the new Middle East and I am sure that there are millions of people in this world who aspire to this change. We stretch out our hands to them and motivate them to achieve their biggest dream.

Thaer Abdullah

YaLa Young Leaders

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