Thank You, Mr. Clooney by Mohamed Salih Abubakr, Sudan

It’s undeniable that if it wasn’t for George Clooney’s efforts to raise awareness about Darfur’s genocides, the world would have never heard about the slaughters that take place in this troublesome little piece of hell that I call my beloved home.

imageSudan is a naturally diverse country, with multiple races, languages, religions and cultures. Islamists took over the country after 1989′s coup, and ever since, they have been trying their best to turn Sudan into an Islamist’s utopia, with one race, which is the Arab race, and one religion – Radical Islam.

Up till the late seventies, Sudan was a secular socialist country, people were free and life was good. Now the country ranks 2nd in the worst countries in the world, in terms of violation of human rights, and 1st in the most corrupt administrations in the world.

So far, Omar Al-Bashir’s administration has killed millions of my people, stolen hundreds of billions of dollars of the country’s wealth,  divided the country into two pieces, (believe me, that’s just the beginning), killed, raped and tortured thousands of opposition and human rights activists, killed thousands of Chadians and hijacked their government (the current Chadian president, Idriss Dibby, is actually 100% Sudanese!), financed terrorism in Somalia, Nigeria and the Middle East and served as a war profiteer in almost all the conflicts in Africa. Not to mention that Sudan is actually Hamas and Iran’s only weapons proxy, Iran delivers the guns to Sudan and Sudan deliver them to Hamas.

During the Major Darfur war, the Sudanese activist community screamed loudly for help, awareness and Media attention, but their voices never made it out of Sudan’s borders. I can’t imagine how worse thing could have been if it wasn’t for George Clooney’s visit that changed the whole game in Darfur. I don’t

think he’s really aware of the huge difference he has made.  On behalf of all the lives he, intentionally and unintentionally, saved, I want to Say: Thank you, George Clooney.

Mohamed Salih Abubakr

YaLa Young Leaders

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