Developing a Community by Ali Osman

The journey to peace never starts as many consider through negotiations between two countries. I actually believe that peace should come first from the inner community of the country, which then will ultimately alter the overall culture towards peace between that country and another.

Simply looking through my community and observing what is going on, how can we speak about peace? With a media that never says a fully true sentence and states biased views on reality leads people towards specific thoughts, thoughts of anything but peace and harmony.

Because of misleading reasons, let me tell you what we learned through the media. You know why we are suffering from poverty? Because the USA wants us to suffer. You know why cancer is spreading rapidly now in Egypt? Because Israel is poisoning our water and soil leading to our illness.

Thinking of what has been filling the minds of the poor people in my country, I simply wonder what peace talks is anyone talking about. The people have been taught that the reason for their suffering is simply called USA. Whether you are addressing an educated party or simple people that are now aware of many things, you will find the American and Israeli conspiracy theory implanted in their minds. The extreme of that idea varies, yet at the heart it’s all the same.

Leading the region to peace is going to start when we achieve clairvoyance within the community, when we start taking the news industry to be simply the transfer of information and not the twisting of facts. The theory of creating a common enemy should be dropped, and all the community sufferings must be addressed with purity, truth, and real actions to solve them and not with diversion and claims of an external enemy ripping their lives and being the reason for their suffering.

Through the wrong teachings, Islam became a religion of war and not peace. Extremists believe they do serve their religion and they can never believe that they have been misled for a benefit of someone else. They think that the blood path is simply a way to achieve peace. If you watch a video of ISIS they speak in a smooth spiritual way before executing someone claiming what they are doing is for the greater good.

You might think of them as crazy, but no, it’s simply the result of fake ideas implanted into their minds, making them truly believe what they are doing to be righteous. Now the reign of terror will spread in other countries. To achieve peace, nations must fix themselves internally and fix their communities, achieve internal justice first because peace is about justice and not about lies. The disfiguring of information has to be stopped and what needs to be done too is to address real problems and accuse the real creators of those problems instead of the east blaming the west and vice versa.

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