What about peace in 2025 by Ramy Adel, Egypt

tumblr_inline_njb0ero76t1sag8l3Welcome to Jerusalem to the 10th Annual Conference of Peace! The presidents of surrounding nations are coming one after one to the international report for Jerusalem. This conference was started under the auspices of the UN, after the conflict between Palestine and Israel ended in 2015, with the announcement of the nation of Palestine and its capital, East Jerusalem. Ahmed and Joseph from the organizing team are both graduates from Jerusalem University. From college until now, they are friends from different religions, and the day has come when their dream has become a reality – the dream of Ahmed as the president of Palestine, and Joseph as the president of Israel. Year after year the leaders of both nations realized more and more that guns and wars and nuclear weapons were not the solution, and that these things only lead to more victims. The two friends realized when saw the president enter the main hall to start the speech for every one – peace starts with the decision to build the future. “Ramy! Ramy, wake up to go to work,” my mom says. Oh my god, it was a dream. This is my dream for 2025.
Ramy, YaLa Young Leaders

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