Peace is a Life by Ahmed Bin Ahmed, Yemen

“An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind” – Mahatma Gandhi Peace is what we all call for. It is a simple word that has a deep meaning. Sometimes, so many thoughts come to mind for making peace but there are not any ears to hear or even hands to help. Does that mean we cannot keep demanding for little things? Does that mean youth cannot make peace? Does peace need much work to fulfill? These are just questions to help every one of you. Yes, you – every child, girl, boy, teen, man, woman, or elder is responsible for making this world a safer nation, home, and world for future generations. Peace is the ritual action that leads to saving lives, stopping violence, healing shattered communities, and building understanding for a better world. It is easy to talk about it but hard to make it actually happen. Peace needs everyone to collaborate, join, take the initiative of establishing its idealism, and stand aside each other. Peace is the home for the homeless, medication for the sick, food for the hungry. What if peace spread all over the world? Have you honestly given it a thought? Will we be in war, racism, religious hatred, or even in closed-mindedness? Personally, I believe peace involves both internal and external rituals of exchanging respect, love, understanding, and diversity. It is all about how to engage your wisdom in such situations. Take MENA Region for example; what is going on there is just an expected result of not taking a well planned political strategy. Thus, youths have shown their potential of demanding peace from what they have been involved in and brought understanding along with peace among youths of their ages through the revolutions that ask for equality and a better life as a right of theirs. Youths’ role comes into the significance of a new, early, and peaceful era taking place in MENA revolutions as they organize, lead, march, and sacrifice their lives for the world and word of PEACE and only PEACE. Fortunately, youth are being made aware and peace is being made a little more possible than it was before. More mutual relationships are fostered, more conflicts are being solved step by step, and discrimination is fading slowly. Peace is what brings us all together. Peace builds bridges between cultures and respect, understanding, love, and appreciation among nations. “Peace begins with a smile” – Mother Teresa Be the one who starts peace no matter what is going on. Peace is what brings us all to this amazing Citizen Journalism course with Yala Academy.  

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