Redefining The Term Family by Nathir Ha, Syria

10945709_779486928800077_176516878433353640_n If you have not been an international student or foreigner, understanding this article is not going to be the easiest thing in the world. This might seem harsh in the beginning, but please bear with me until I finish. For me, as an international student, I have a family that I am living with. It is not father, mother, relatives, and siblings. This type of family is totally different because it includes only siblings from your age, which is something very cool. We as young people in general globally tend to spend our time mostly with youth counterpart. So the secret here, is that all my daily life is like that with young people with whom I share my life, food, studying, and everything. By using the word family I do not think it is exaggerated or fake, but is real and authentic simply because we have in common equal or more of what we have with our families back home. This family is international, which is something common, but what is not common is that we live at the same dorm. This family includes people from Algeria, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and more. It is really interesting to live this life style of being able to see the world from different angles, different cultures, and different people. Sometimes, I wonder if we have something in common or if we are too different for that. But I finally realized that the story is one in all the counties, but what differs is the circumstances that each country has. Overall, I understood my country, my people, my culture, and most of all myself, through this diversified colored family.

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