Bochra | Tunisia – photo essay –

I have chosen to address the issue of gender equality because Tunisian women are considered freer than their counterparts other Arab countries.


Unfortunately, women didn’t use to have any weight in the society before. They didn’t have the right to study and to work. In addition, being pregnant with a girl was not always good news for the husband. It often made him angry, and he was even allowed to divorce his wife only because of having a girl.

Women were often excluded from family and community decisions that affected both their lives and their welfare. Women could only take actions that were dictated to them by their husbands, and we left to perform basic tasks such as cleaning the house and cooking all meals, as well as caring for their children and husband.

Thanks to the Tunisian president, Habib Borguiba,  women were given an important and striking weight in society. Now, Tunisian women have more freedoms and are gradually being integrated into the civil society. They have the right to study, teach, work and vote. They can travel alone, divorce their husbands, and even earn the same salary as a men.
Women can organize seminars, work like men in equal sectors as well as be doctors, architects, teachers, engineers, taxi driver etc…

To conclude, women have extraordinary abilities like man; I think it’s time to stop discrimination against them. Fall ahead and not behind because we are all human and we were all born equal.

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