Halima | Algeria – photo essay –

Guelma is one of the 48 provinces in Algeria, and is famous for its spas, resorts, and medicinal baths. The most famous of the medicinal baths is el Maskhoutine, also known as Hammam Debagh, which is a district in the province.

There are various mythological stories about the Maskhoutine baths. The most widely known is the legend of the family who urged their son to marry his sister, which ultimately led to God’s anger. The legend states that on the day of their wedding everyone in the village was stoned and the water that was heated to prepare food rose up and covered the entire area (that is why the place is known for its very hot water).

Since the warm waters are rich in minerals, many come to the baths for balneotherapy. So if you’re looking for a natural way to cure and heal your body, its time to make a visit to Hammam Debagh and take a dip in the mineral waters!

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