Jasmine | Gaza, Palestine – photo essay –

In the cramped city of Gaza, my family, neighbors loved ones and I live. The city that is beautified with the joy fills the hearts of its residents despite of the agony, suffering, and pain they experienced. Gaza is pretty since we Palestinians are the ones who built its neighborhoods and constructed its streets. Braveness and delight can be seen in the eyes of kids as wells as in the faces of martyrs’ families and injured too. In spite of bloody months and days we experienced in the Strip, here we are today designing this city with our own hands. We aimed to let happiness enter every single house with the wonderful colors we chose. A group of youth volunteered to paint houses’ walls in the coastal area in the Gaza Strip. Tremendous efforts were also spent not only to beautify external scenes but also to delight souls of kids and their families who suffered from psychological problems during the 3 wars that the Strip experienced years ago. Festivals and trips are carried out for those kids and their families in public areas.

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