Jasmine Mohamad Eliwa, Gaza, Palestine – photo essay –

“The Eyes of Gaza”

Samar Abu Louf is a Palestinian camera women and journalist. She studies journalism and participated to multiple courses on topics such as: Gender Equality, Journalistic Writing or Leadership. In the last 5 years, she received about 10 awards including international and local ones. She also published her photos on social media and different platforms. The main obstacle, which prevents her from being an independent photographer and journalist, is that she does not possess a journalist suit (a bullet proof vest). Instead, she uses what she has, which happens to be a cooking pan and plastic bags. Yes, her only protection in a conflict area is a cooking pot! 

Her camera was broken during the 2014 crisis in the Gaza Strip, but nobody could help her cover the cost of a new camera, so she had to find a solution by herself. Currently, she is working  as a freelancer photographer for international agencies.

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