Leila Ben Slimane, Tunisia – photo essay –

When there is nothing that makes you smile.
When it feels like you are alone.
When you believe there is no other way.


..KNOW that everything in this world, if you dig deep enough, has another aspect. There is no light without darkness. No happiness without tears. Life is a sum of contrasts. So don’t give up! Start digging.

Dig until you find what you are looking for… Dig until you turn your life upside down… Dig until you live the life you have always dreamt of. Because there is always a solution , there is always a better way. It might not always feel so but…

…But as long as you have hope and believe you can achieve what your heart desires, you will succeed. If you dig deep enough, your faith and hope will get stronger and your desires will come to life. Without hope the world wouldn’t have changed and will never will. Without hope we would have never walked on the moon, written great books, nor built planes. HOPE is everything.

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