Med Abid, Tunisia – photo essay –

Djerba: the Island of Dreams

Djerba is the legendary beautiful home of the lotus-eaters where Ulysses paused during the course of the Odyssey. Djerba is a small island in the south of Tunisia, known as Island of Dreams and somehow it’s a good place for people who are looking for calmness and tranquility, a place where Muslims and Jews live in peace for years. It has a nice beach, outstanding places like the Guellala museum where where you can see examples of the popular traditions of Djerba, Midoun and Houmet Souk and the famous restaurent “El Malga”.

I had the chance to be part of an amazing adventure in “Djerba” when I participated in the International Symposium Organized by Pacs: “The Support Programme for Civil Society” with the associations “Assidje” and “Djerba Memoire” about “What Cultural Patronage to Tunisia? ” from 30 to 31 October in 2015 at the Guellala museum.

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