Meryam El Bouhati, Morocco – photo essay –

“Concerns for the next generation”

One of my biggest concerns for the upcoming generations is the issue of knowledge (especially in Morocco). School is obligatory. It is a basic obligation for both parents and society to send children to school. But being “knowledgeable” is far from being enough! Parents should encourage their kids to be curious and creative, and society/government should provide them with better schools, better access to them, more cultural institutions, libraries, cinemas, theaters, conservatoires and, of course, better TV programs.

Children should be encouraged to be more generous and kinder to each other. This is a trait Arabs are famous for, and yet, I feel that we are losing it. The new generations should be more ambitious and aware of their rights and obligations and they should also be more responsible.

New generations are the hope for a better tomorrow and for world peace. We must remember this and give them the right tools.

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