Nuran Abu Tabikh, Jaffa – photo essay –

“A Shared Space”

My grandmother is Jewish and my grandfather is a Palestinian Muslim. My grandfather had all the reasons to hate the Jewish people. During the 1948 war he and his family had to leave their home in Jaffa in order to go to a safer place, when they came back, there was nothing left, his father was shot and they had to start all over by themselves. New house, new life, a harder one. When my father first told me the story about his parents I was shocked. I mean, how could my grandfather marry a Jewish woman after all of the hard times he had to go through because of the Jewish army? (Although I love my granny so much).

As time passed by, I began to realize the obvious reason they got married, my grandfather didn’t judge my grandmother by the actions of others, he didn’t judge her by her religion, he simply judged her by who she was and he fell in love with her. That simple.
60 years later, they’re still together.

All the photos you see below were taken in Jaffa, my hometown. The place where my parents and I were born. Jaffa is an ancient port city in Israel which contains a mixed population from all three religions: Muslims, Christians and Jews.

How does it connect to my story?

Jaffa had all three religions for centuries, some of the people live together happily, and others choose to hate, not because they know them but simply because of prejudice and stigmas. Unfortunately it’s not happening only here, it happens everywhere.

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