The Middle East after 10 Years of Peace by Sara Gamil, Egypt

The Middle East is always an area of troubles, I don’t know why, but it is its nature. If I’m going to think about the future of the Middle East after 10 years of peace, I will say first, that I hope it comes true. Then I will talk about the future, from my personal point of view.
Two years ago I joined a peace community for the first time. I was exposed to a person who asked me: “peace with whom, Sara?” He talked to me in a threatening way; I knew I wasn’t supposed to stay in my home and that I would need to go outside later, so I wondered how could he harm me?
He was one of two people in real life who know that I want peace with Israelis. I didn’t know what to do, but I went out of my home anyway.

After this unpleasant event, the first time I left my home my heart was tearing, the second time I was to some extent calm and the third time I was okay.
After 10 years of peace I think there will be friendships between both people, so if I myself was exposed to this situation again I won’t be afraid.
Two years ago, one of the peace activists in my country was arrested. Unfortunately, he talked to me two days before he got arrested. When I heard the news I was shocked, I had exams and I couldn’t study. I went to the exam afraid that they were going to arrest me at the university, I couldn’t think clearly. However, lucky for me, it was the hardest exam ever and none of the students were sure of the answers, except for 10 questions out of 100. So, it ended with a protest, I protested with the other students and we all gained 50 marks.
After 10 years of peace, peace activists are not going to be arrested. I was investigated once and I was asked if I told my family that I talk to Israelis, I answered no. They continued the question and asked me, as long as you don’t do anything wrong why don’t you tell your family? I answered: not everyone accepts the idea of Israel.
After 10 years of peace we are not going to be afraid to mention our friendship. I think after 10 years of peace talking to Israelis will be like talking to Americans, people are fascinated by others who have friends from USA, so maybe it will be the same.
Also, two years ago, after being harassed and threatened, I decided to change my tactic, I became aggressive. I just thought, by being quiet I am only saving myself. After 10 years of peace, talking to Israelis will not be shameful, but something we will be proud of.
Many years ago I talked to a friend, she is from my country, but she studies in the United States. She told me that Israelis are the smartest people and she told me that they are advanced in their study of genetics. Following this conversation I was curious to know them. I always say that I talk about Israelis because they are the side to make peace with.
Talking about peace throughout the Middle East, I know for sure that it will lead to prosperity for the entire region. Countries will save money that is spent on wars. They will save money for more construction and a lot of money will be dedicated to scientific research. We will have pioneer scientists, and there will be common projects in all fields.
Finally, I wish for peace to be spread all over our region, so that we can live together away from hatred and so that we can understand each other better.

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