Love means Life by Weam, Syria

I was 15 years old when my dad passed away. He used to tell me that mothers and fathers never die, because I was afraid of losing one of them. Unfortunately I believed him.  I was a child.

One day I opened my eyes to find that my dad had passed away. Since that day, I  cry each time I think of him and the happy moments we spent together. Four years after his death I started to study at the university, where I met a great young man.

He was helping me with my assignments. Day after day, I felt something beautiful that was changing me, changing my behavior and even my smile. I realized that I was falling in love. I stopped crying for my dad and I began to see that life is worth it. That love really changed me. We got married 5 years ago and now we have one boy and one girl. I love my husband because he acts with me like my dad, mom, sister, brother and simply like a great husband.
 I wish that god allows him to live long.

There is nothing as beautiful as LOVE. 
Love means peace. It also means that you are ready to challenge the whole world together with the one that you’re in love with. It means sacrifice. I believe that love can resolve so many problems. It can even stop wars. As soon as we start to love each other, we’ll stop killing each other.

Weam, Syria

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