Tel Aviv-Ramallah-Kigali – video –

In September of 2015, YaLa Citizen Journalists Hamze from Palestine and Sarah from Israel went together to Rwanda to learn about the reconciliation and forgiveness process the country went through after the genocide.

In Tel Aviv – Ramallah – Kigali, Sarah and Hamze invite you to join them on a life changing journey of understanding and peace-building through youth empowerment. What lessons can the youth from Palestine and Israel learn from the youth of Rwanda? What do those young people have in common?

This mini-documentary narrates the stories of youth from Israel, Palestine and Rwanda and their personal struggles to overcome conflict and fear and to thrive toward peace and reconciliation in order to build a better future for themselves and their loved ones. It is through their voices that we will learn what unites the youth of conflict and post-conflict societies and attempt to answer these very complicated questions as we travel with them on their personal journeys from despair to hope.

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