Video | While We Played Frisbee by Lyoka, Israel

A lot of young people gathered in the park today: to practice some acro-yoga, to listen to the music, to meet their friends and talk to each other, some people came from Tel Aviv, some were from Jaffa.

At some point my friends and I went to play Frisbee on a hill. As we were playing, an Arab guy was passing by and caught the disc flying right to his hands. He threw it once, then another time. He put his bag aside and joined the game. His friends that at the beginning were just standing aside and watched also decided to participate. So we started playing all together and were doing fine since the guys that joined us were pretty good. When we finished the game, my friend approached the guys, thanked for the game and offered to play once again next week. He said it in Hebrew since we thought that the guys were from the neighborhood. But eventually only the first guy that joined the game understood us. He translated the words of my friend to his company and said that next week they will be in Hebron so won’t be able to join. Everyone shook the hands of each other, smiled and went away.


A lot of different sad things came to my mind later on, but at that special moment while we were playing Frisbee, no politics existed. It didn’t matter who was a Jew and who was an Arab, who was Israeli and who was Palestinian, who was living in Jaffa and who was coming from Hebron. All what mattered was co-playing: Frisbee is not about winning or losing or simple CATCHING AND THROWING, it’s about YOU throwing the disc in a way that THE OTHER PERSON will be able to catch it. It’s about looking at each other, thinking of each other and winning TOGETHER.

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