God is not yours by Yousra Serry from Egypt

10410804_10154428972607137_1537735776003484843_nI don’t believe you have to follow a certain group, believe in someone, or pray in a specific way to find god. I believe God can be found in many ways and forms. You can find the beauty of God in someone you love, see the kindness of God in a baby’s smile, or even feel the presence of god in nature while watching the sunset he made. And I don’t really think this makes you any less of a believer than anyone who chose to join a certain group or follow a script or a book he believes God wrote. At the end, you’ve both found God.

Let alone when we’ve all found God in the same way.

Religions were made to make us better people. But unfortunately they have been doing more harm than good lately; and all thanks goes to humans who ruined religions just like they ruin everything else. And I’m not talking about suicide attacks and terrorism, I’m talking mentally. People seem to have missed the beautiful side of believing and the feeling of unity, love, and compassion it gives you and how connected it makes you feel, not only to fellow humans, but also to animals, plants, mountains, oceans, skies, and just.. Everything.

Now instead of letting the belief they share bring them closer, religions-followers keep searching and making an effort to find anything to disagree on. As if it’s a competition of who’s gonna win God’s approval at the end. They focus too hard on getting other players out than winning the game themselves.

Everyone wants god to be theirs, and theirs alone. When two sides fight, they both fight in the name of god thinking god is on their side. Take Jerusalem for example. Jews, Christians, and Muslims have been fighting over it for god knows how long; each of them thinking god is on their side when actually, God never has and never will take sides.

When I was a kid; I once asked someone “Why do we have to hate Jews?” and that someone told me “We don’t hate them it’s just.. Well, Jews are very arrogant. They think they’re god’s chosen people which is NOT true.” and I remember how ridiculous and hypocritical I found this answer because, really.. Don’t we all?

Let’s be honest, we all think we’re something different and that we have this “special” bond with god that other groups will never know. I’m sorry if i offend you, but this is all a bunch of baloney. God doesn’t have a favorite. He made all the lot of us and because god, unlike humans, is fair, he never had a favorite follower/kid/people or whatever and never will.
So we can all just agree that either all religions are good or all of them are bad. Enough shitting on other religions, it’s not a freaking competition. Your book wasn’t written in heaven and mine in co-co land. No religion is “better” or “the light”.

I also deeply believe it would help the world to heal if people just stopped taking everything so personally. Like those who got so angry at France for banning the niqab. You understand they didn’t ban it for the simple joy of annoying you, right? they just don’t feel safe walking next to someone wrapped up all in black. Which is totally understandable if you’re being real. So instead of your pointless attacks and non-ending babbling you could have tried to show them there’s nothing to fear. (And this is coming from someone with a niqabi mom so I’m not just taking sides)
The world was never supposed to be divided between team “Us” and team “Them”. We’re more alike than we like to admit. Even our preachers/leaders/politicians who divide us are more alike than they think; they have the same arrogance, hate, and hypocrisy. God is not either with you or me, god is with you AND me. (Although, judging from what’s been happening lately, I highly doubt he’s with either of us.)

The 3 Abrahamic religions have been causing a lot of unnecessarily drama when they’re basically the same story with an additional character with every sequel. Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad were all sent to tell us about god anyway, right? so we got the message! Know god. Love god. Believe in god. Worship god. That was the message from the very start. So let’s take it to the one thing we have in common: God. All other rules and details are not important. Who really cares if it’s Isaac not Ismael who was getting sacrificed? It’s a matter of names. It doesn’t take out or add anything to the story. So what if you believe Jesus is the son of god and I believe he’s a prophet? He’s still taking us to the same place anyway. To God. And as long as it lives and I can visit whenever I want, I personally wouldn’t care if Makkah was ruled by apes.
So Just grow up and stop fighting because that’s surely not what God wants and it’s not getting you anywhere near him. God doesn’t care who rules Jerusalem, he doesn’t care how much gold you’re putting on the Kaaba this year, he doesn’t care how you dress, and he certainly doesn’t need you to defend him or any of his prophets.
Even though my mom once told me not to try and imagine god, out of respect, I can’t help but imagine him rolling his eyes at how ridiculous we all are. Because my mom also told me that memorizing the names of god and trying to be like them would get me closer to him. And yes I can’t remember all 99 of them, but I’m still pretty sure they didn’t include “Shallow” “hateful” or “childish”.

God is love. God is mercy. God is laughter. God is brotherhood. God is honor. God is forgiveness.
The devil is anger. The devil is hate. The devil is arrogance. The devil is selfishness. The devil is hypocrisy.

So I’m not quite sure who is it exactly you’re trying to impress.

PS: My mom didn’t mean for me to try and be.. well, god! but just to take what would fit me as a human and make me better at it.

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