The Mastermind by Maher Masri, Tunisia

maherThat painting intrigues me. It is the one which has left me dazzled till today. It keeps haunting my mind. That lovely lady is the mystery of the universe. She is still being analyzed by connoisseurs of art. You’ve probably recognized her. It is Mona Lisa indeed.

Its painter is unique. A man passionate for life, a visionary genius. It is the great “Leonardo da Vinci”.

His way of thinking and managing issues is fascinating. He left behind him a multitude of designs appreciated by a lot of people. Leonardo da Vinci died nearly five hundred years ago, yet he continues to captivate the world. His life, his works and inventions are still an endless source of debate.

He was raised by his grandparents. He was an illegitimate child therefore had no access to schooling in the humanities. Observation was his best schooling. His attachment to nature created amazing art.

His father was delighted that his son was a child prodigy. At the age of ten, he sent him to Florence. The city that was differentiated from all over Italy for its leadership in science, art and literature. Leonardo attended the school of Verrocchio, the school that takes orders from the Medici, rulers of Florence. He was meticulous in his work. The workshop allowed him to gain more knowledge.

During his stay, he developed a sense of perfection in his art. He had such demanding criteria that he rarely finished his works. He had a particular method in his paintings. Without sketch, he could highlight the forms in his drawings.

At thirty, he moved to Milan. He introduced himself as a military engineer to the governor Sforza. During his years in Milan, he made spectacular inventions. And he left behind him a host of impressive notes.

He had an apprentice that he liked a lot. His name was Salai. He was his model in several masterpieces such as St John the Baptist. Leonardo had been accused of sodomy. He was furious and began to enter into the mystery. Therefore, he began to write his notes in reverse by encrypting his characters.

He left Milan after offering his services to the French, the rivals. Leonardo had no clan. He was free. He had no accomplice. He was far from their confrontation. For someone with such intelligence, he could not afford to get into a conflict he viewed as trivial. He was a different human being who was able to shine despite the challenges he faced.

In Rome, Leonardo focused on human anatomy. He seeked to understand how the human body functions. He wanted to unravel the secret of existence. His research did not please the Pope. Leonardo was accused of desecration of corpses and he was not allowed to touch the dead.

King Francis 1st welcomed Leonardo in France and offered him a castle. It was the only time we really recognized his magnitude. He spent his last three years classifying his notes.

He died, pen in hand, leaving behind a tremendous legacy. Leonardo da Vinci was the master of the Renaissance. Thanks to him and the other enlightened, Europe began to rise from the Dark Age.


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