What I am Passionate About | Omnia, Egypt

“A good way to find your passion is to ask yourself what job you would do for no money and never feel bored doing it.”

Dr. Amr al Fass (Ted Talk)

When I was young, at primary and preparatory school age, I always faked stories to leave my school early before the day ended, I didn’t feel fine being at the classroom, my most enjoyable and wonderful time at school was at the drawing and painting workshops. I always left the classroom to go to my drawing teacher and she always supported me to work on my talent; my parents also supported me as my dad bought me colors, pencils and drawing papers, he was also talented so he always helped me to grow my talent and work on it. When I grew up, I realized that colors, designs, and drawing is what I enjoy doing and what I want to do for living.

Later on I finished high school with a high grade and joined the faculty of engineering, at the preparatory year, I worked hard and studied as I could and got a good grade that would enable me to join any department I would choose; my parents wanted me to be an electrical engineer as my father is an electrical engineer and he said he would help me with my study and finding a job after graduation, but I was targeting Architecture from the beginning, I knew I should be there.

Now, I’m a senior student at architecture department, I was ranked first of my class and got an “Excellent Grade” last year, and I can say that I would never deal with this great effort I’m supposed to do daily unless I really love what I do. Many times I kept working on a design for more than two weeks with only few hours of sleeping. when I think about it, it’s all about what I love, all about my passion.

So, work hard on finding what you are passionate about because then you will be unique in it and will achieve the real success.


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