How to Ease the Suffering of Syrian Refugees by Bochra Ben Hadj Yahia from Tunisia, illustrations by Soumia Belhamel from Algeria

Syrian refugees are not lucky. Even though Syria has about five neighboring countries, all countries are in a crisis, especially the Arab countries.

I really feel very bad when I see on the news civilian corpses. It is wrong and what hurts the most is that no Arab country tried to give a hand – they are just standing by and watching what is happening.

Syrian refugees are living in terrible conditions, do not eat well and face health problems. Sometimes, refugees remain in the shelter, but they are not safe as the whole place can be bombed at any time. This has happened in a refugee camp in Turkey, I mean it is really unbearable to feel like you can lose a member of your family right in front of you without being able to do anything about it.

But, I have some ideas that can help improve the situation of refugees.

Campaigns can be created to target youth in order to explain the importance of helping others because now all countries are at risk from terrorists belonging to the group “DAESH”.

Another idea is for every young person to do voluntary work. For example, people who have knowledge of languages or any skills can teach the refugees the needed languages in the host country for integration. They can also try to buy clothes and food, accompany refugees and provide them with means of entertainment in order to break the monotony.

We really have to act; they are our brothers in humanity and we must do everything possible to fight against bad values such as ignorance, inequality and discrimination. After all, we are all human, we are all born to fulfill our objectives in life as authentic human beings helping one another.

In the end we are all mortals, so we must leave important traces in this life so that the next generations continue on the same path.

I desire from the depth of my heart that all human beings live healthy, happy, with their families and that their dreams come true.

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