From East to West: Moving to Tripoli | Najah, Libya


When moving to a new place, generally we hear that a lot of people feel out of place, that it takes them a while to adjust to their new surroundings even when it’s in the same country.

I was expecting to feel that way, but I didn’t.

I have traveled a few times before, but nothing is like starting your life and daily routine someplace else. In all honesty, the only time I ever felt out of place is when someone comments on my accent- since there are different accents at the Western and Eastern sides of the country.

Its sad having to move under such circumstances, but there is some good in it. Getting out of your social bubble and away from a place and people you’ve known your entire life- it feels like an adventure sometimes.

Now I can’t speak for everyone because of different circumstances and conditions that people live in, for some it really is hard to adjust and to be without the same comforts they had at home. The twelve hour drive is truly tiring, you miss your own house, your relatives and friends.

A year and a half ago, when schools closed in my hometown Benghazi due to the political conflict and chaotic situation there, we moved to Libya’s capital, Tripoli. A year and four months later, Benghazi schools have now reopened.

What upsets me the most about the schools being on and off for the past 5 years is the time wasted in trying to stop all of this, and then having to start all over again. I have friends and family members who are now three years behind in school. It’s plain frustrating. Many other families also moved to the Western side of the country to finish their children’s education or just to live in a safer environment. It’s challenging and hard, but totally worth it because better opportunities are where you should be. I believe that if you can’t change whats around you, moving on with your life and improving it is the best you can do.

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