My best moments at COP22 | Oumaima Fathi, Morocco

In a combat to fight global warming, Morocco hosted a climate summit from November 7-18th. This conference known as the Conference of Parties is the supreme decision-making body of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

COP22 took place in Marrakech, one of the most mesmerizing cities in the world. The city was turned into a melting pot and irresistible destination location given the cultural heritage, spectacular location and atmosphere of Marrakech.

However, I was in Marrakech last week for a different reason. I participated in one of the activities of Open Climate Zone, a parallel event of CO22 organized by the association of Zero Zbel (Zero Waste). Thus, there were plenty of events and activities where participants from different countries showcase their environmental projects which included  workshops for kids, recycling activities and more.

I spent a few hours at Climate Open Zone before I headed to COP22 in Ighli village. In fact, there are two zones, blue and green one. This latter is the space of youth, where environmental projects and startups gathered from all over the world.

The first seminar I stopped by was the UNESCO seminar; I joined the attendees to obtain more information and insights on  topics from experts and environmentalists there. Moreover, the catchy slogan ‘’changing mind not climate’’ caught my intention. I couldn’t hold myself from asking questions from leading figures of this field. Then, I had the chance to speak with Mr. Peter about ‘’Before the Flood’’, a documentary film directed by Fisher Steven. The film is a product of a three year journey, where Leonardo Dicaprio takes the audienceto almost every corner on the planet to know more about global warming and the impacts of climate change on our mother Earth and humanity. It is undoubtedly a must-watch film.

After this wonderfcop22-2ul talk with Mr. Peter, I had an incredible time meditating with other conference participants thanks to Danna. This is movement of peace-building through yoga and meditation that is based in Montreal, Canada. Bhaskar Goswami, the co-founder of the organization facilitated daily sessions during the whole duration of COP22. He introduced the public to an astonishing practice and took us to another world, a spiritual state where I felt that my soul was cleansed and my worries had vanished entirely. These are some of the highlights from the COP22 where I had a great time learning more about the climate and the environment while also learning new meditation and self-care practices and techniques.


 * Meditation by Co- founder of Danna, Bhaskar Goswami.

To learn more about Danna organization check their website here:

cop-4Art’COP is the foremost fascinating corner in the green zone. This area is dedicated to paintings, sculptures, photography and plenty of artsy work. What’s made this spot more special is surely the amount and diversity of artists who came from around the world to showcase their art and inspire others. I wholeheartedly enjoyed getting lost amidst beauty and mystery of each artwork.  

It is true that my visit to COP22 was short, but it was undoubtedly a great experience; since I got the chance to network with people from different backgrounds, to learn more about climate change and also to share my thoughts and aspirations for a better future for our planet and humanity.


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