The Power is the Pump of the Peace by Mohamed, Egypt

Peace is like a fruitful tree, for it to live, there must be a power protecting it.

I remember when I was 9 years old, on the first day of school, crying and hugging my younger brother “Amr” while other students were hitting and insulting us.

My brother “Amr” was crying, as he was so afraid of them, and I was crying too because I wasn’t able to protect him. At this time, I imagined Amr as the tree I wanted to protect, so I believed that I had to have the power to be stronger, or with another meaning, I have to make people around me think more before getting close to me. Here I learnt that power is not just a mechanism for war but also for defense.

I actually tried to make people afraid of me so I treated people around me in rough way.

At high school, I read a book called ” the art of dealing with people” in which I discovered the secret of power, this power lies in how people need you.When I changed my rough attitude to make people need me, I gained love. The opposite of hate.And when some teenagers fought with my young brother “Amr” at high school, He found many people standing on his side and protecting him just because “he is my brother”.

The equation is difficult but not impossible to live in peace. You should be strong enough for defense. And if we looked at the meaning of power such as the many intelectuals like “Karl Marx, Bosanquet, Robert Dal., Roso”, they proved that the power is that someone forces others to do a certain action.For example: if the harasser realized that there is a deterrent force protecting every girl, and he wants to rape her, he will be forced not to do that behavior. This power may be the power of law or the girl’s reaction or other people’s reaction.

“Power lies in the reaction for defense not the action of attack”


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