A poem by Abigail Levitt

Can we take the beauty,


the love,
the goodness,
the warmth,
the caring,
the willingness to sacrifice,
the love,
and use them
to build a world of love,
a land of peace,
a place of belonging
for both peoples?


We have so much love to give,
We really do
We fight out of our love for our people:
Our desire to give our people the best
The best life
The best safety
The best freedom
The best land
The most spirituality and G-dliness


And it can be so simple
to realize our similarities,
inspite of different circumstances-
without ignoring inequality,
to realize
that we fight from the same
heart space.
We derive our hopes
from the same determination and pride
We love our people
We love our land
We want to right historical injustices
We want to give our children
what are parents didn’t have
We act out of so much love


And the hate that we feel towards the other?
That’s because they hurt the people we love
It’s pain and anger that they could do such a thing
And when we’re able to see each other
To open to see
Ourselves in the other
To see that they’re acting out of love
Just like we’re acting out of love
That they don’t hurt us because they don’t care:
They hurt us because they care so much
about the wellbeing of their people
and feel we’re an obstacle to that
So they need to get us out of the way
Just like we feel they’re an obstacle to our wellbeing
and we need to get them out of the way
When we’re able to understand
To feel
To find awareness
of whats going on inside of us
and inside of them
We’ll be able to flip it all around


To so simply
that the other isn’t the obstacle,
the patterns of thinking are
The cycles of acting and reacting
In the same ways
Over and over
And if we can release ourselves
from habitual cycles
that keep us closed and in pain,
we’ll find
that there is already:
so much beauty
so much life
so much love
so much space
for all of us
to love

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