Impossible means “I’m possible” by Enas Abahreh, Palestine

When I was 20, my life began to change! 
It was the last year in my major and I got engaged in the same time. His name  is “Asem” he was 27 years old at the time. He is tall but not as beautiful as me 😁

I loved him and he also loved me. Suddenly, after 7 months of our relationship he decided one day to leave me without even telling me! 
To me, as a woman who was only 20 years old it was the first and the biggest shock in my life.

It was November 11 2012. Asem decided to leave me because I became a patient. I don’t know what happened to my body in 2012 but I soon became a girl with disability. Suddenly, I could not move freely like others, I could not run, jump or  climb stairs quickly.

My heart was broken, I felt so sad. I became ill and heartbroken.
When Asem left me I was abroad, far from Palestine, trying to seek answers for my illness. I was looking for a diagnosis and treatment. It was my first time out of the country and the first time I traveled with pain and  sadness. I had so many many many questions without answers.  Like the emotions of doctors about my case!

“Impossible” I  clearly read on the face of doctors and different people in my society.

 I love to travel and despite the disease this trip it helped me learn the purpose of my life as  “Enas.” It was clear now:
No one can put you down except yourself, no one can break you. No one can break me.

When Asem left me, God never left, he made me stronger than before! I started to focus on what I have  ( Mum, Dad, Family, friends, Qualifications , beautiful face and beautiful smile), and focus on what I can do. I discovered with time how Enas has a very beautiful radio voice and I started working on being  a radio host. This is in addition to my work as a lab technician. 
I can’t describe my happiness when I am behind the  microphone !
I never believed in impossible, in reality anyone can translate it to possible. Just believe in yourself!

So, Impossible itself means “I’m possible”!

Today I register to join a Masters program, I hope that they will accept me 😊

This picture is myself wearing our traditional outfit as palestinian 🌸 I love it

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