War by Wadie Skaf, Syria

Living in Syria, 14 years old, his name was Ahmad.

Ahmad was good at school, his teachers loved him, his mates were jealous of him.

Ahmad’s days were amazing until the war came.

War has taken over, tanks are in the streets, aircrafts in the sky, the boy is home alone.

Mom waiting for Dad, hoping that things are not bad, Dad is late, the boy has nothing to eat.

The boy sleeps, with sadness in his heart, asking God: “Where is Dad?”

Next day Dad is on the news, Dad is dead, no one to bring this boy a piece of bread.

Mom is tired, from her job got fired, she can’t feed the boy either.

Mom and boy sitting at home, a bomb explodes, the home is ruined, mom is dead, Ahmad is alone.

Ahmad is taken away by. ambulance, he is injured so bad.

Ahmad arrives at the hospital, his soul is leaving his body.

Ahmad finally speaks: “I’ll tell God everything”, then he is dead.

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