Amazing changes are happening

I have experienced  drastic changes throughout my life.
My name is Wiem and I am from Tunisia.Since the events of 2011,  I am not the same person before these events or after it.
If you knew  me before 2011, you would recognise me as a young, shy girl, who was quite isolated and lived according to the typical oriental, conservative family rules. I always did what I was supposed to do, and acted the way that the family and society would approve . I was a good girl. I graduated in the year 2010. After 2010,  I was supposed to  find a job, then a husband, and give birth to children and look after them, live happily and then die.
Well this is what I originally tried  to achieved. I found a job after graduation. It wasn’t a perfect one but it was a job. The salary was very low, but that was not as important to me, what was more essential was to NOT be unemployed.  I became more stable at work and I began working on the next step of my  stereotypical to-do list created by society. I discovered this would be a very difficult task.
Why is that you may ask. Well because in my country it became more and more difficult to find a serious guy who wanted a serious relationship.
If you want to start your life with a young man in your age cohort, it is particularly hard. Generally speaking, a man in his early twenty years is generally not financially stable so he could not build a family with you.

An older guy, maybe in his thirties, always looks for a girl who was raised in a good family (conservative one). It is better if she is a religious girl with no previous relationships, and a girl who is well-educated with a good job and who is especially beautiful. For some men, it would be better if she would have no personality and if she does exactly what he says and tells her to do. Well maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit, but I have definitely seen this, exactly the way that I described it. And since all of this mentioned above does not apply to me, it was difficult for me to find someone.   I don’t have a very well-known family, I’m not beautiful nor rich or even with a grand personality so I can’t be with someone as described above.
Well to contradict myself,  there are a lot of other types of men besides the ones I mentioned above. In fact, there are some rare, great men that I cannot exactly classify but generally these are the most popular category around.

But finally after a few attempts I  finally found someone. I have to be precise that during this trip it changed  my personality and I became more courageous, more open, and even more communicative. However, someone did not exactly like all of my new changes. Yeah it was kind of depressing, right? I was so unconscious and unaware of myself that I wanted to satisfy my family’s desires to a point that I was ready to ignore myself completely for their satisfaction.
So I blinded my eyes and did not mind all the differences between me and that person, and all his defects too.
But one day I started to argue with him about the kind of life that we would want to have together. The discussion finished by my total conviction that we were not made to be together. I thought about it the whole night and when I woke up the next morning I  started to gaze at the roof while asking myself “what do I really want, is this the guy who I want to live with?”and I started to ask myself but what I really wanted, I never worked before for something I wanted, I never expressed myself the way I should. And I started to remember what I wanted and what I loved to do. I love science. I love art. I loved books and good music. I want to travel the world, to discover it, to build peace and to work for the good of all of humanity. I began to ask myself: “why would I ever  deprive myself from all my desires?”

And I smiled and I said now I know what I will do.
I have to go for what I want.
So I broke up with him that night , and the next day I started to look for a scientific association to re-build my connection to science. Since then a new chapter opened in my life book, and I did not stopped going for what I want, and fun and amazement became my new life partner.

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