My first day by Tsnim Mahajna, Israel

It was my  first day at university, but we are going to start from the day before it.

My father and my sister drove me to my apartment, it was exciting to have this feeling of independence and to feel that everything around you would be controlled by just you and only you.

And then, finally, the moment came! I was left alone, and gradually I lost this excitement I just described. I started to feel lost thinking about what would be  coming next and all of the things that I would soon face by myself .

After a while my brother called to ask me how I was feeling and if I needed anything because, he lives in “Petah tekva” which is considered close to “tel aviv” where I live now. As soon as  he heard my sound he knew that i was crying( and i was ).

He called me again to tell me that he is waiting for me downstairs to pick me up. I immediately felt so much better. We went to Jaffa specifically to the beach and it made me feel so much better. But I still felt so nervous as I am starting in a huge university “Tel Aviv University” where you can find the variety of different ethnic people from all over the world.

The day came and I didn’t sleep enough that night but quite frankly who can!!!

I woke up and prepared myself. My student card wasn’t with me as it didn’t arrive yet at that time. … OK,went to university,every step i was taking toward uni my heart beatings was being faster( i can feel it now,oh lord)

I entered and saw everybody looking at the map. I didn’t know where’s my building!! I got lost, and then I found my classmate and we got lost together .

We found the building and  we got to the class a  little late. I kept staring around, looking at everyone in the room.   I needed to know and to discover what was going around me. My classmates are from everywhere, you can find: Jewish,Muslim, Christian and Druze.

It was amazing to get to know that much of different people from different religions and cultures.They are very nice beautiful out and inside.

The class was huge,the first class was chemistry, she started the class almost immediately after we arrived and began to teach.

I can guarantee you that I understood everything,or you can say every word that was taught in that lecture is still  in my mind; I was focused about 200% or even more.

Lecture after lecture and my day of studying was finished. But of course it was not completely finished, we had a celebration that the uni does every first week of the year was started,we have to share!

You can find presents, sweets, and everything else that you can imagine.

This day is unforgettable for me, the feelings, knowledge and the whole experience was amazing, even if it was with a feeling of fear in the back of my head.

It was nice to share all my stories with you all..thank you for making me go through those all feelings and memories again it is like it happening with me right now. It was nice to be a part of this program and to read all of  your incredible stories.

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