What many do not know about Milk Grotto by Rania Jewi, Palestine – photo essay –

“After he was born, Mary took baby Jesus and they fled to Egypt, to protect him from Herod, the murderer of children. In  Bethlehem they found a  deep cave within the earth to take refuge. In this quiet cave, she was able to nurse her child. While she was breastfeeding, a few drops of milk fell on the ground of the cave. Vatcher milk spilled on the walls and soon they became all white. The walls are still white to this day. Usually all the caves in this area have black stones as the area is made up of a stone called Barakanah.Later, mund then fired on the cave many different names such as cave lady or cave Stna Mary, but the  name became “milk Grotto.” This also  became the title of a women seeking motherhood.  This name is recognized from all countries and religions. It warns vows, should a mother wish pregnancy and childbearing, and the “milk Grotto” shall answer them, Vtemtli womb grace and then those who wished upon it would become mothers.”

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