White is a beautiful color by Thilleli Lily, Algeria

13118831_592647130913687_4120950201566493552_nYou’ve been hurt and had to man up,
like any girl who wants to grow up.
You don’t trust men, you don’t let them explain,
but between heaven and hell, we’ll meet again.
You keep treating me harshly,
but I love you blindly.
There is a party at the beach,
Maybe we can share our tortured speech,
Can I offer you a drink ?
In this glass, let your beauty sink,
I am not gonna lie, I saw Paris and Bangkok,
But tonight, it is to you that I want to talk,
pretty white dress on your thighs,
matches the fire in your eyes.
Hold on, you have to go home, it’s midnight,
run and join the other sweet knight.
Sometimes I feel that I know you,
the childhood memories that you drew,
Some things I can’t forget,
some things I like the older I get.
and suddenly everything seems strange,
this melody that you endlessly rearrange,
as the sky starts crying,
God’s call starts rising.
When the silence falls back,
you are all in black,
trying to reach the horizon,
trying to find a reason.
Then you turn around and there is a smile on your face,
that takes me from place to place,
I can smell the orange trees,
the tea and the shades that freeze.
a prose is written on my hand
“Algiers, forever my friend”.

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