Harassment: It must come to an end by Elarif Rkia, Morocco

In a world when our rights have been nominated dreams. I am dreaming of this day, where there is no violence, no looks of desire, and no sexual harassment anymore.

A world where I can dress nicely and properly, a world where I can apply my favorite lipstick color, a world where I can speak whatever language I want to practice, a world where I can smile or laugh out loud to my friends’ jokes, and no one will harass me or get to classify me.

This morning I came back home from school at 10 A.M., because the weather is so chilly. I sat on a couch in my messy room; I remained in my uniform and covered myself with a soft pink blanket, turned on my laptop, took a sip of my hot coffee and started checking my email folder and reading world news headlines.

Suddenly, my phone rang, ting…ting. I picked it up.


A sonorous voice answered back: “Hi. Are you the lady wearing a yellow outfit yesterday in the library private room?”

With a fuzzy, yet uncomfortable feeling, I said, “Yes. Is anything the matter?”

Unwanted and unwelcomed talk and giggles from a group of folks crossed my ears and put me in shock.

I finished the call. My meditations notebook with a yellow cover grabbed my whole attention. I opened it and started looking at my parents’ and siblings’ pictures. Then, I turned page after page, until I made it to these lines I wrote in August 2012, in my home town located in the southwest of Morocco.

“My father doesn’t allow me to major in media and journalism, because I am a girl and he doesn’t believe in women’s capacities, and he told that if I go to Rabat, where the Higher Institute of Information and Communication is based, I will be only a slu*. Maybe that’s the way he can describe his fear and care about me.”

I am leading my own revolution against contempt, disdain, and scorn of the society toward us as women. I don’t care about having the right to get drunk or make love, but about things that actually add value to women as a brain, as a body, as a soul, and a human being. I put my notebook aside. A salty tear dropped to my cheek.

I turned off my laptop, wiped my forehead, inhaled, and huffed, “Phew. We still have to fight. Our journey has just begun.”

One thought on “Harassment: It must come to an end by Elarif Rkia, Morocco

  1. Strong your will to fight. It is worth to fight, be it for that cause or others. The powerful in societies and cultures want us (in your case women) control in order to keep their privileges. Sending you a lot of energy! All the best


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