Rana Bushreida, Unchosen Path, Libya

I was only a little older than 4 years when I started school. In comparison to other kids who usually start at 6 years old I was a baby. I was supposed to be a listener and repeat the first grade the following year, but my teacher, for unknown reasons, informed my parents that it would be better to move on toward the second grade rather than waste time repeating the year. Since that moment, every single step I took in my life was always a bit earlier than when I was supposed to.

As all the kids in this planet are also asked, I was once asked the famous question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” And my answer was always “A doctor!” Well, I often followed that exclamation with “Anything but obviously not a teacher.”

I don’t know why I wanted to get into medicine; I couldn’t and still can’t handle blood, injuries or such things. And maybe this was the reason that took me away from this major. My destiny was to write a different story for myself.

As I love Mathematics and Physics, I decided to study science in high school. It wasn’t easy, but it was  very enjoyable. Before graduating from high school someone told me “So you think you are going to be a scientist? And started laughing. ” This completely destroyed me, and made me start to think seriously if I could really continue this sort of path.  Thoughts ran through my head: should  I be a scientist or a teacher? However, I definitely did not want to become a teacher.

Back then I was already  in love with computers, so studying information technologies would have been easy… But a few things happened on the way and instead I ended up taking economics.

When I went to register in the I.T. Faculty, I was informed that I was too late and I would have no chance to start that semester, and should wait until the next one. People say “the Faculty of Economics is interesting and opens the door to  many good fields.” My time was passing, and a decision had to be taken quickly. So I went to study Economics, and said “Let’s give it a try!”.

Every single person has their own map in life which they draw themselves and their future plans. I have drawn mine to remind me always not to waste time, I have to get the best out of this lifetime. Also,  it is okay to know when I shouldn’t take the step.But at that time, when I was only 16 years old, I wasn’t aware enough of that. I wasn’t really caring, I was too young.

I could have successfully graduate from the department of Economics, but at that time I thought that an Economics (BSc) could never be enough, so I applied to MSc. I never loved school since I was a very little child, but I found out that I’m kind of person who hates school, but yet at the same time I can’t live without studying, learning and flying higher.

 I even was offered to be a teaching assistant as my marks were really high. A position so many students dreamt to get, and me, I got it? I never even thought about it before.  Again, life gave me a gift without asking for it.

I agreed when they offered me the teaching assistant position. I even prepared the needed papers and handed them myself. And if in the next years will ever regret, I can’t blame anyone but myself.

My university years were good enough however,when I got more into Economics, I found out that this wasn’t what I was passionate about even though I loved the major so much especially that me and numbers are good friends.

It took me years to find the place where my heart dances, where I feel I can give and give and give and still want to give more. The place where I can find myself in.

People say that one life isn’t enough for them. For me, my life is really enough but it’s only about how I live it. Loving my country so much never stopped me of having the desire to discover the world. I enjoy reading the weird stories and traditions of other nations, and learning about different cultures. I enjoy taking a photo that tells thousands  words. I enjoy the hidden stuff I discover with every new language I get into. And that’s why I want to do something in this, I want to get into the world I find the happiness in, I want to live what I’m passionate in. In capturing the precious moments of our lives, recording my and others’ stories with words, learning as much languages as possible to communicate with everyone upon this planet and discovering the world. I want to travel and learn new things everyday. I don’t want to be a part of others’ journeys, I want to make my own journey and have people to be a part of it. I want to move and move and miss home. I want to expand my knowledge and learn not from books but experience.

It’s too late to change my way, too early to spend my life in a place I don’t belong to. And in the end I could come out with a conclusion which makes my life easier, and makes myself accept where I am, but not stop me from living my passion!

I should admit that I find the teaching gig not as bad as what I thought it could be, but it’s still not my thing. Maybe, I chose this path myself, and maybe a hidden strength chose it for me.

I won’t be letting go the career which for years I have work on, but also would never let anything take away the joy of this life. The day I found out what I REALLY want, was the day that opened a new door for Rana, the day I could finally understand why the life offered for me all what I never asked for. Maybe if I accomplished my goals, which I thought they really were, I wouldn’t discover what I truly LOVE to do!

Today, I can say with this combination you can see written on my Bio. I am happy, satisfied and so thankful for each and every event I lived and the path that it has created for me.At least, if I didn’t live all of this, I wouldn’t be the same person who I am today.

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