The double edged sword

“Keep walking down the straight road; once you come across a ‘bizarre’ building on your right, this is the Issam Faris Institute.”

I am here, standing at the main gate of the American University of Beirut, listening to the answer of the security man with his gentle Lebanese accent. I asked him to show me the way to the Issam Faris Institute during my first visit.

I walked along the straight way and the adjective “bizarre” was stuck  in my mind!

How can a building be “bizarre” among those straw-colored constructions crowned with dark bricks to furnish the place with a noble, elegant soul!

In addition to the unique site of the university that has a marvelous view on the Mediterranean Sea, it can make someone feel like a pretty princess sleeping peacefully on the sea’s shoulder and creates a heart-touching music fading all dissonant tunes, preventing them from being “Bizarre” and then disrupt its harmony.

And there I was, walking while thinking when a visual storm abruptly came to my eyes… Suddenly there was a change from the monotonous images I was seeing and my eyes were focused on this glorious banner. Hovering in front of the space, challenging its mute stagnancy!

It delivers a clear message that “the Bizarreness” has its “existence” prestige approaches to that of “heritage” and even emulates it sometimes.

I felt her soft spirit flying over the wide space that she challenged, which make me rush to my phone googling with swift touches …

IFI/AUB designer.

When her name emerged, it was as vivid and majestic just like her designs and it confirmed my anticipations.

She is, the one who said being an Arab, and a woman . It is like a double-edged sword. The moment my woman-ness is accepted, the Arab-ness seems to become a problem!


She taught me how a human can be immortal even after his or her body dies.

She also taught me how being a woman I have to have my own double edged sword. One edge for underestimation stereotyping and the other, to defeat all challenges.

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