Electricity, by W. from Gaza, or is it Yemen or Syria or Libya…

In the past, people knew nothing about electricity. They used to use torches and candles to provide light in the long hours of the night and they used to poke the fire to get some warmth in the cold days.

All of that have changed after inventing the electricity. People now can use electricity to provide light, warmth and many other living requirements. In Gaza city it’s like living in the past.
I remember when I was a little boy, I used to have fights with my brothers over whose turn now to play computer games because we only had one computer in the house. After many years we still fight but for different reasons. Yesterday I had a fight with my brother because he took my mobile charger. The power came for only 3 hours and I wasn’t able to charge so I got mad at him. After thinking about it I really find it silly to fight for this matter but in the same time not using those 3 hours in charging means that I’m gonna stay disconnected from the world for 24 hours until the power comes again.
The constant power cutting gave me valuable lessons in life. Due to the constant power cutting I get the chance to spend some time with my family. I used to stay all day long in front of the screen reading, posting and chatting with my friends but now I can’t ! So I sit with my family members. I was surprised to learn that they are nice ! 😛
The power cutting taught me a lesson in organizing my time. You can’t imagine how many tasks I do in those three hours. I became a fast, punctual and well organized person.
The constant power cutting taught me not to complain. When I was young I thought that things can’t be worse but it turns out that it can always be worse ! So I’m always grateful for what I have because I might lose it in the future.
It taught me to appreciate the little things especially when the power comes I become so happy and satisfied 😁
It taught me that time is so precious and that I should not waste those three hours in doing something which is not important. Now I can easily select my priorities and accomplish them in short time.
According to the mentioned above I would like to thank those who are responsible for cutting the power. Words are not enough to describe how much gratitude I carry for you. I wish I can tell u more but there is no time, the power is about to cut 😢.
You might be able to cut the light of our homes but you will never cut the light of our hearts.

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