In times of justice emergency we need to ally, we must act.

Today I marched with my global community.
I marched by your side today not because we are women or because, like me, you are Jewish . I didn’t march by your side because your skin is the same color as my skin or because we have the same daily struggles. I didn’t walk with you because I know you.
Today, we marched together because we believe in justice and safety for all and above all. We marched together because we won’t stay silent when bullies and demagogues rule.
If they have aggressiveness , we have solidarity. If they have anger, we have willpower.
We all live in bubbles. We all live surrounded by people like us.  It’s time to burst those bubbles. It’s time for men to empower women, for white people  to recognize their privilege and support people of color in their fight for justice and equality. It’s time for minorities to  ally and become the majority. It’s time for able people to fight the fight of the disabled with them. It’s time for gays, straights, trans and queers to be recognized, respected and protected in the same way.  It’s time for everyone to go from victims to change makers, to open our communities, thrive for diversity and inclusion. It’s time to educate ourselves and our neighbors on what makes us different and similar. It’s time to show how rich and empowering diversity is… AND IT’S TIME FOR WOMEN LEADERSHIP.
Today I saw the best of what humanity has to offer. I saw people of all ages and backgrounds marching in peace, supporting each other and defending what matters most: human rights for all. I saw that when women are in charge, a march of hundreds of thousands is peaceful yet powerful… and has the best music. Today I saw the beginning of a deep and long change. We don’t have to agree on everything, but we must stand together for the essentials.

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