It was not Cheetos by Denisse, Israel

The room was small. But I didn’t care, I was carried against my own will so why should I even consider to get comfortable?
A day has passed since I’ve moved here, and everything was different including the smell, the people, the colors, the sound of the words and the words themselves. My whole life I grew up in the South American weather which was a combination of warmth and rain and now I wasn’t enjoying the Israeli desert-like heat.
I swore myself not to forgive nor to forget my mother who took me away from my friends and family and brought me to a new and unknown country. I could not figure out the purpose of our move, for what could possibly be the reason. Before I moved, people told me that everyone there transported themselves from one place to another by camels. Camels! I thought to myself how I didn’t even see a camel my whole life and now I would have to ride one.
I took a deep breath, and looked at my brother. Brian was a lot calmer than me, he seemed to accept this change in a more elegant way. Even though he is three years younger than me, sometimes he acts like the adult in charge in comparison to myself.
It was our second day after the move and I refused to eat the weird food that was in our fridge or pantry, or to even get out of my room. I felt that by even trying I may be potentially sending a compromising message that I didn’t want to send. Meanwhile our mother was out and about trying to find an apartment and learning more about our  new country, and we, the two kids, were alone at home one was desperate and one was just bored.
-Do you want to see a movie?-he asked.
I looked at the video pile right next to the VCR and the tiny TV. That was the only possession we had along with our clothes that we had in the small room that the three of us shared. But it was one of our favorites.
“And then, what? Everything will be ok?” I grumbled.
“No, but we will at least enjoy the next hour.” he said.
I rolled my eyes with frustration but after demonstrating my dissatisfaction, I went to the video pile and took the first video on the pile-The Beauty and the Beast. My brother and I were huge Disney junkies, and that video pile was assembled from all of the Disney movies that had existed until that day.
Brian pushed the video in the VHS holder and we started to watch. A familiar feeling ran through my body.-”At least the movies didn’t change” I thought to myself. The rose, the songs, the language that by an instant returned me to my homeland. After The Beauty and the Beast my brother put in  another one, Ants. We laughed and watched like it was the first time-when it was probably around the tenth.
After the third movie, he went to the pantry and took out a snack. This snack looked something that looked like the old and beloved cheetos. He opened it and handed it over to me,I hesitated for a couple of minutes but then took out one. After chewing once I’ve found out that it wasn’t cheetos.
“This isn’t cheetos!”I disclosed to him with a sour face.
I kept on chewing and tried to figure what was happening in my mouth. It wasn’t a taste that I was familiar with. It was definitely not cheese…something smokey? Peanuts? My brother understood what was going on by the sour face I was making. He started to laugh at me, and I joined his laughter. I swallowed the snack and looked back at the blue and white bag, I couldn’t figure it’s name. I took one out and smelled it. It was definitely not cheetos, but It was something new, and not that terrible. “Maybe I can get used to this weird snack” I thought to myself.

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