THE KNOWING MIND by Sharon Stone

    I am interested in the journey to peace. I can’t remember a time when this wasn’t the most interesting thing to me. This doesn’t mean that I am a tranquil person or that I have quelled every anger and frustration with some type of drug or new age belief releasing them and now rest sedately on a pile of doves. To the contrary; I have embraced my anger, held it like an infant and come to love and trust my anger for it is a piece of my knowing mind, a part of the equilibrium of sensory relativity. It’s my temper I hold at the edge of a crumbling precipice up to the Gods waiting; when only a one -eyed vulture is interested in me.

   I want to disengage the trigger to blindness, impatience that allows me to be less than my authentic self. I want to be free from the prison of careless unkindness and cruelty of all types. It is a struggle to find true balance, real absolute centered perspective.

    While there are many disciplines that have led me towards this ideal, these are but strengthening missions to awaken the wholeness of my mind, discipline the body and guide the spirit to in fact release, ease, into actual acceptance of peace, and wholesome living. That living where I am free with myself and others, free from falsehood, free from fear, free from shame, free to emptiness and peace to just stand in my own being and be fully in my knowing mind, whole in my loving heart, and strong as a warrior of light.

   Therefor the effort that I am undertaking here and with you is to journey to the center of our desire to meet there, where we no longer must believe in the pain of the past to create the future. To know we must only be willing to stand effortlessly in the present with a divine willingness to move gently into the future, harmless and good. This is where our knowing mind lives. All else is the mind of the past. The mind of the other age, when we carried sticks and threw stones, the mind of the world when we searched for the things that are leaving us now.

    We must rest and use our knowing mind with care for the world that we are making is meant to be of a piece and a part of the bigger fabric of a previously mastered universe, bigger than what we now perceive time to be. Yes, roll inside to come out into another dimension where stars explode and it is more; more and the world is just a whisper of what is.

    Just considering that Einstein was genuinely on to something and that he knew then that it would take our minds to enter a transcendental state of higher consciousness to accept the absence of time as we knew it to meet with the structure of the universe as he knew it. Countless humans have explored these paths to peace from many different angles and in times when there was no technological support.

   How did Lincoln or Ghandi get their thoughts so far so fast and so quickly while affecting so profoundly… so many? How did iconic figures of all time carry their messages and moreover their deeper meanings far and wide? Are we connected on a deeper level? Are we physically connected to each other? Are we psychically connected to each others’ higher consciousness? I do hear the thoughts of others on occasion. Do you? Isn’t that the best? Or the worst?

     Therefore; let’s take a moment together now to transmit our purest desire for peace, and ask one another to feel where we are lost, find where we are whole and to know that we may connect? I imagine that there can be ease for some and resistance for others; but as we all try, the energy put forth by all effort can and will create a particle reaction that will effect change not only in us but in the world of matter, energy, space, and time.


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