Blue Lagoon, Dahab by Yousra Serry, Egypt – photo essay –

Blue Lagoon, Dahab; or as some people prefer to call it “Egypt’s secret getaway” as it was one of the few places untouched by tourism (not anymore though) that remains one of the most relaxing, simple, and gorgeous places in Egypt. An hour or so north of Dahab so you can visit by camel or jeep driven by a (very) funny Bedouin driver. When you finally get there just lay down, relax, and enjoy your  drink while waving at Saudi and Tiran&Sanafir islands! BLUE HOLE – DAHAB The blue hole is a must see for passionate divers and those seeking adventure.  It is a unique and VERY challenging place, that will make your trip a unforgettable experience. It wasn’t named “Earth’s most dangerous diving spot” for nothing. More than 150 people from different backgrounds lost their lives diving there. The locals in Dahab like to tell the legend of a young woman who drowned herself to escape an arranged marriage. Other believe it was her own father who forced her to drown herself. The conclusion is that it is her, or more accurately  so it’s her, or more accurately HER SPIRIT that lures divers to their death. Yet, apparently the story never stopped hardcore divers from coming from all over the world to this beautiful place You can see memorial stones on the site to remember the fearless souls of the divers who lost their life in Dahab. They also remind those yet to take the adventure it might be their last.

  1. alibey
    alibey says:

    I have never heard this story about the drowned woman at the Blue Hole. I understand it is a legend, but why did the father want to drown her? Fascinating bit of local lore. The pic with all the cars saddened me a bit. at least you didn’t show the horrible shops and cafes now there. I just wrote about Dahab, and may go again in Nov for a month or so.

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