Mount Sinai/Gabal Moussa by Yousra Serry, Egypt – photo essay –

Mount Sinai, or Gabal Mousa, as we say in Egypt, is the place where it’s believed Mousa/Moshe/Moses received the ten commandments from God. It’s around a 3 to 4 hours climb and takes it takes between 2 to 3 hours to come back down ( depending on your pace and the strength you have left). The trip usually starts at midnight to reach the very top just in time to witness the beautiful sunrise. It’s one of the most physically (and sometimes emotionally) exhausting things to do but it really is a great experience.

Also, when you’re back down safe and sound, let your feet drag you (or let’s be real, YOU drag them!) to St. Catherine monastery and don’t miss the well where Moses met Zippora and the burning bush. Because, duh, who would want to miss those things?!   WADI GNAI DAHAB Only 20 minutes away from Dahab, Wadi Gnai is a perfect spot for climbers and sports lovers. If you’re planing to climb mount Sinai, you can pay this valley a visit as a “warm up”. It’s a great climb with a great view and when you’re done you can just sit and enjoy a warm Bedouin tea, chat with the children who are playing around and enjoy the view.  

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