A Walk in Tunisia by Mohamed Omar Attaaoui, Tunisia – photo essay –

The ancient side of Tunisia 
As everyone knows Tunisia is situated in the north of Africa which has made it in constant contact with other civilizations like Arabic, European, Berber and more.
Thanks to this diversity, our culture and traditions are a mix of the basics of Arabs and the modernity of Europeans. While having a walk in the Medina, the old town in the capital, you can feel and enjoy the magnificent architecture of the mosques or you can enjoy the traditional clothes. During ramadan you can enjoy the arabic style, but we also celebrate other holidays such as new years eve and Halloween.
To conclude, I would like to mention that our traditions simply made us one of the fewer countries where it doesn’t matter from where you are because you will probably find some of your traditions here.

Thanks for your time and a special thanks to one of my best friends who give me his professional camera so I can take these amazing photos this morning.

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