Deserted Landscapes by Sandra, Tunisia – photo essay –

I really loved this exercise because I enjoy photography so much. Let me begin but guessing what your first reaction would be after seeing these pictures. You are probably going to say: ” Well, she didn’t take pictures of women, children or taxi drivers…” Indeed, I didn’t. I have taken pictures of landscapes, because I want to tell you the story of my country: Tunisia.  By just seeing these pictures, you will realize that the landscape is empty, deserted in each image. You see these landscapes are singular, but I think that they will marvel you. I want you to open each picture by visualizing and imagining yourself in the landscapes.  There is one problem I would like to show, the (lack of) tourism in my country. Unfortunately, due to several terrorist attacks and threats, foreigners are afraid to come and visit this beautiful country. It is a shame because although Tunisia is a small country, it stores love, pride and hospitality.  People deserve to experience our traditions, discover a new culture and most of all, enjoy our Mediterranean sea.    NB: Some pictures were taken from Djerba known for its palm trees and beautiful sunrise; and some were taken in Kelibia, for its stunning beach and tranquility.

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