Yarmouk Refugee Camp by Feras, Syria – photo essay –

The siege of 2014. 

170 incidents of death out of hunger.

Yarmouk refugee camp- south of Damascus.

I remember when a woman told me that she felt the milk she drank from her cup moving through her veins. She told us that the Halva we gave her was the most delicious Halva she ever tasted.


The streets in the refugee camp were entirely empty. Nothing excused the broken walls, which accumulated like abandoned books whose owners have thrown them away without even reading them, in these streets. The plants that grew in the middle of the streets, made the place look even scarier. All of this gave us an indication that no one had passed through here in a long time. Even the cats had abandoned the street.

No one left except those who got their share of food.

The campaign was called “We Will Return”.

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