Love and Sympathy by Motasem, Syria – photo essay –

Love and sympathy are embedded within us. I went to the zoo many times in my life and I haven’t felt anything special while I am there before, but this time was completely different. Although I went with my cousins who kept on saying to me “Come, let us have fun and take a look at the other animals”, a girl who was feeding the goats in a very lovely way took all my attention. I kept looking at her and was observing what she was doing . She was looking at the goats and trying to feed and take care of them as if it was the first time she saw goats. Every time the food was about to end, she was asked her mother to buy more food from the machine. She was really curious and cute. I really liked the way she looked and acted, because she reminded me of some important things embedded in our genes. Maybe a lot of us forgot them or maybe ignore them. They are: curiosity, kindness, sympathy and the most important one, LOVE.

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