Youth by Mohammad, Palestine – photo essay –

That was the past time and that was the beautiful time. It is the innocence, purity and serenity. When we were children, we calculated the days and years to become senior maturity. When we became bigger we wished to become children again.

When we pass the places that carry a lot of memories and stand in front of every angle to remember all the events, in fact we do not miss just those times, we miss ourselves and how we were at that time. We wish to go back to those acts again. Actually, we miss for ourselves in many places.

The world of childhood is understood only by who lived it. A safe childhood is a beautiful world that has its laws. There are no bears and no hatred of others. Children are brought together by a single association, namely the association of love and innocence. It was the most beautiful of days.

So, I really miss the time when I believed that my problems could be solved by pieces of chocolate.

These pictures of my relatives in different places. Some at my home in Qaryout, a village in the West Bank, some at the university where I studied, Najah National University in Nablus, and some of them, funny ones, in front of the washing machine.


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